WATERPILLAR is an online platform used for viewing and managing water supply and sewer systems, used by public water supply and sewerage companies, Municipalities and water supply councils. (WebGIS software)


Our solutions offer a wide variety of capabilities concerning location analysis that ameliorate your business practices. We map and manage your data through a wide range of apps developed by IANIC. You can share information with each other in your company through thematic maps, reports and tables.

Database design (RDBMS)

Proper mapping of the primary data collected on the field is the most important task in the development of a G.I.S system. The connection of spatial and descriptive information plays an important role in better comprehending the data at our disposal. Proper association between various kinds of data is achieved through the development of relational database management systems (RDBMS).

Decision making

The processed maps help you understand better the spatial information of you data and make the right decision in order to take action. For instance, the knowledge of the network’s topology and location, through its digitization in G.I.S environment, is a real problem-solver in designing possible new network expansions. Furthermore, knowledge of how dangerous some pipelines can be, based on their properties and characteristics, can assist in their proper maintenance by technicians.

Equipment development

We can satisfy all needs in I.T applications. Application development in any G.I.S platform, open code platform (QGIS, GeoServer, PostgreSQL / PostGIS) and trading software, such as “Esri” products, can fully support the everyday functions and actions of your company.
Just tell us about your problem, we can help you solve it.


Your maps now come alive through the Real-TIme depiction of measurements taken from installed sensors/devices in a city’s network. The result of this procedure is the acceleration of the response time by optimizing the network’s security and by raising awareness among the members of staff concerning the company’s assets. For example, a live transmission of pressure measurement in a specific part of a town can now be spatially depicted on an already designed thematic map.


You can carry your maps with you wherever you are because you can now find network plans online in order to monitor some information while you are on the field, on standby duty or even at home. The online network depiction helps to create a more direct interaction between the General urban plan users and reality.

Data collection and management on the field

Data collection, storage and sharing on the field is now easy and secure. Your technical crews can now easily digitally depict any change already implemented on the field through smart devices and mobile G.I.S applications. Integrate information and geo-activate all the existing data in your network.