The Platform

What is

A Unified IoT Orchestration Platform for smart metering and sensor management, receiving, storing, and analyzing data, for optimal daily operations, decision-making, and future action planning.


SmartVille is a Unified Web Orchestration Platform of horizontal IoT (Internet of Things) levels that allows and optimizes the management of smart meters and sensors from different areas of a digital and autonomous city (water and sewage, mobility, energy, waste management etc.).

The platform utilizes in the best way possible structured APIs that enable communication with a wide range of sensors and devices through various communication protocols such as Wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus), NB-IOT, LoRa WAN and Sigfox, as well as the hosting of other smart applications.

In addition, it collects values and devices of independent supplier and communication protocols, giving organizations the ability to integrate different technologies and standards into a single dashboard.

The main goal is to gather data and information, and generate trends and insights (AI) of the network and infrastructure in a single dashboard for daily operations management, decision making and future action planning.

Main features

Integrated Web Interface

IoT control for multiple options of device connectivity

Advanced security Cloud hosting

Fully customizable technology

Easy IoT infrastructure adoption

Multiple levels of access security (RBAC)

One Unified Platform

10 Integrated Applications

Holistic network management, from network depiction,
station installation, meter replacement and damage control,
to data collection, storage and analysis, billing,
and customer notification.


The Most Powerful Tool
of Modern Organizations

Accelerate your network performance by making the most of your tangible and intangible assets
with holistic management through SmartVille.

All data collected by the system are processed, analyzed and translated into possible events using mathematical algorithms and statistical data of previous conditions.

‘BloatBelly’, our Big Data Infrastructure, performs a quality check of the values received by the system to ensure correctness and remove or flag any extreme values.

The system supports username and password use, as well as connection with Single Sign-On enabled through all sub-modules of the platform using OpenID Protocol or similar.

SmartVille is available 24/7 as SaaS (Software as a Service), highly configurable and easily accessible through any device (Responsive) by just signing in.


in Action

Project Kos: The first island in Greece to fully digitalize
its water network & services through SmartVille

SmartVille in the Service
of Smart Cities

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