The Company

Who we are

IANIC was founded on the premise of establishing itself in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) and software development, offering the necessary digital tools to organizations and companies, in order to jointly create the ‘City of Today’.


At IANIC, innovation is a vibrant, dynamic concept that is constantly evolving and shaping our ideas for a better future.

That is why we embrace the global movement of innovation and healthy entrepreneurship and use it strategically as a mechanism of subversive change to diversify its supply and penetrate new sustainable markets.

Our goals are achieved through the unwavering support of our clients’ important work, with a strong commitment to science, sustainability, community, education, research and positive change.

What we do

We design the infrastructure of our common living space, the “City of Today”, or alternatively, its digital brain, SmartVille, an Integrated IoT Management Information System that allows the control of smart meters and sensors from different areas of a digital and autonomous city. SmartVille combines data from smart meters, telecommunication networks and analytics tools to provide artificial intelligence (AI) services in order to meet the modern operational and digital transformation needs of the Community.

Why we do it

IANIC aims to support organizations of all sizes in their gradual transition to the new digital reality, so that they optimize their operation, make full use of their tangible and intangible resources, and upgrade their services. As change is the only constant we observe around us, we have created the digital brain of a smart city, with the goal of improving the daily life of the citizen

Our Values


The constant monitoring and evaluation of trends allows us to develop innovative & reliable solutions by applying cutting-edge technologies.


Meeting the needs of all citizens and organizations is at the heart of our solution design.


The systems we develop are living organisms that evolve and change along with your needs.


Meet the team

Angelos Dragkolas
Chairman & CEO IANIC S.A.
IANIC provides the necessary digital tools to organizations and companies in order to jointly create the ‘City of Today’.
Vice President
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Senior Software Developer
Data Protection Officer
Legal Manager
Commercial & Procurement Manager
Administration Manager
iOS Architect
Accounting Manager
Full Stack/DevOps
Android Architect
Full Stack Developer
Account Manager
Senior Software Engineer
Customer Service Representative
Software Developer
Art Director
Full Stack Developer
QA Tester

Our Clients

We always support the proper function
of public and private sector
in the most effective and innovative ways

Our Clients

We always support the proper function
of public and private sector
in the most effective and innovative ways


See what our customers are saying about us.

Mr. Xenophon Maniatogiannis
Mayor of Vrilissia

The SmartVille Suite has fundamentally transformed our water services operations both with the technical crews and the administration department. Through the integration of Array (ex Water Damage), the municipality manages and monitors all maintenance and repair works in the water supply network, along with the tasks by the crews and the condition of its equipment.

Mr. Dimitrios S. Markou
Mayor of Spata-Artemida

With Balloon Read, we have saved 50% of our time in water meter value reading, while the SmartVille AMR integration provided us with a holistic view of smart meter data such as consumption and incident detection.

Mr. Panagiotis Antonakopoulos,
Mayor of Pyrgos

After upgrading our water services with SmartVille, we saw tangible amelioration in 3 key targets: 1. prompt damage repairs due to smart incident detection 2. more efficient decision-making due to complete smart meter data integration and insights 3. easier management of the operations field due to the water supply network mapping.

Mr. Konstantinos P. Koukas
Mayor of Mykonos

We have established a fruitful partnership with IANIC for the digitization of Mykonos water supply network, with a view to more flexible operations, more sustainable water resources management and more content citizens.

Mr. Theodosis Nikitaras
Mayor of Kos

We firmly believe that SmartVille app will strengthen our relationship with the citizens of Kos due to our direct communication, while the immediate notifications about leakages in consumers’ properties, along with the setting of consumption limits will help us save valuable cubic meters of water.

Our Partners