Software development

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At IANIC, we create complete online apps of viewing and managing spatial and descriptive data, which can support additional features according to each company’s needs.
With our long and wide experience, supported by a strong theoretical background, immense tech enthusiasm and a craftily assembled developers team, we are able to deliver fully-functional and dependable applications/products, with a threefold objective: help companies leverage their resources to the fullest, ameliorate customers’ and citizens’ quality of life and accelerate the progression to a more ecological era.

Apps for everyone-products for a lifetime
We provide the necessary implementation and technical support both in our apps and in staff training so that everyone can understand and use our products to their fullest capacity.

Secure and reliable software

All our applications are designed as complete and secure systems with controlled user access. For us, the main goal is your data security.

Our most distinctive attributes are our abilities to understand your requests, analyze your needs and build the most effective software based on specific techno-economic criteria.

We process and configure timeseries so it can be properly used.
We develop applications and tools in order to optimize the way your company functions on a daily basis.
We offer specialized seminars, targeted at the members of staff of each company (public or private).
We design secure environments for your data and your software.
Our associates and call center are at your disposal 24/7 for anything you need.
We always deliver our projects within the desired timeframe and we are always there for our clients for everything that may come up in the future.