PYDRA, our ERP Software offers holistic and efficient management, entailing the following

Water Supply-Sewerage

  • Consumer applications (old and new)
  • SMS Management
  • Consumer management
  • Digitization of Water Supply-Sewerage notices

General Accounting- Detailed Accounting-Budgeting

The General and Detailed Accounting, as every module of our software, are adapted to the needs of water supply and sewerage services without unnecessary parameters that make it difficult to comply with the mandatory details of the company. At the same time, the General and Detailed Accounting is connected with the Water Supply-Sewerage so that the updates are made without offsetting. The same applies to the connection of Accounting with the budgeting.

Fixed Assets

  • Fixed Assets Naming
  • Integration of fixed assets in the G.A.
  • Acquisition value and changes
  • Sale / Replacement of fixed assets
  • Improvements – Additions – Extensions
  • Place of installation of fixed assets
  • Asset status (active etc)
  • Sale – Dissolution – Destruction
  • Depreciation and amortized cost calculation


  • Incoming / Outgoing
  • Single / By category numbering
  • Archiving
  • Incoming-Outgoing correlation
  • Completed / Pending
  • Searches by filters or keys
  • Printing


  • Item Details
  • Code-Description
  • Measurement unit
  • Quantity
  • Purchase price
  • Calculating method
  • Acquisition value
  • Import / export invoices
  • Shares
  • Security / order limits
  • Item Index / Cost Value Formulation according to the valuation method when exporting the item from the warehouse
  • Warehouse management
  • Fuel depots – Machinery / car management


  • Fixed employee details
  • Employee payroll (active, marital status, etc.)
  • Allowances
  • Employee security
  • Contracts
  • Loans
  • Retrospective payments
  • Payment receipts
  • Electronic bank statements
  • Annual leave