Wireless M-Bus
(wMbus) Network

Wireless data transmission network, two-way communication, for receiving meter indications (Water, electricity, gas, etc.)


  • Proven technology that has been operating for over 25 years
  • Free transmission frequency 868Mhz. Encrypted transmission.
  • Very frequent transmission from the meters (8-16 seconds), allows the data to be received with Drive-by system without any meter configuration (AMR ready).
  • Change to a fixed network data retrieval system without meter intervention (at most manufacturers).
  • Minimum data transmission cost (every 1-8 hours), 30 € for 7-10 years per aggregator.
  • There are no network usage fees.
  • Full download of cash data (alarms, recorders, etc.)
  • The software can be installed on the client server



  • Short transmission range 500-800 meters visual contact, usually 25-60 meters if the meter is inside the shaft with cast iron lid
  • It is necessary to install transponders (battery) to route the data to a concentrator, at high points near meters.
  • The technology is mainly used to receive readings from meters and not other devices.