Narrow Band – IoT Network

Wireless data transmission network, two-way communication, for receiving values from various devices (parking sensors, meters, temperature, etc.). 

  • Full download of cash data (alarms, recorders, etc.)
  • Maximum transmission range (more than 2 km) with simultaneous high penetration (trouble-free reception through wells, basements, etc.).
  • Two-way communication
  • Receiving data from any device transmits to a mobile telephony network (NB), the network can cover other needs of the Municipality. E.g. parking sensors, smart lighting, air quality, refuse bins etc.
  • The creation and maintenance of the network is undertaken by the mobile telephony provider. No antenna / concentrator installation.
  • Easy connection of the meter to the network
  • There is no possibility of an alternative provider or change of provider at the moment (portability).
  • A SIM card must be installed inside the device at this time. In the future there will be digital SIM and it will be activated through a platform.
  • Increased transmission costs per device per year or month

Wireless M-Bus



Narrow Band – IoT Network