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We accelerate the central administration transition into the digital era


We turn cities into hospitable hubs with an ameliorated quality of life for their citizens


We upgrade regional administration services with citizen-centered and employee-friendly systems


We provide holistic solutions for asset management, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction



A comprehensive WebGIS for optimized operations on and off the field.


A unified Web Orchestration Platform of horizontal IoT for the control of a digital and autonomous city.

Atrium 2.0

An ERP & Computerization software for daily business management.



The managing cloud brain of a living city


WebGIS for optimized operations
on and off the field.

SmartVille AMR

Smart meter data management and analysis.


Network failure management & maintenance


Big Data Infrastructure for secure and reliable data.

Atrium 2.0

Computerization and ERP for daily business management.


Produced & invoiced water balance evaluation.

Every water drop counts

Palpable customer-powered water services

Single-profile Control
Monitor all water accounts from one profile anytime and anywhere.
Water Consumption Insights
Real-time and comparative data and irregular consumption notifications.
Water Supply Outages & Problem Reporting
Planned and emergency supply interruption info and instant damage reporting.
Easy Payments
E-billing notices history, one-click online payments and physical payment points list.


We always support the proper function of the public and private sector in the most effective and innovative ways.

Smart Cities

Technology in the service
of more hospitable cities

Data-driven water flow

Less emissions, more power

Centrally controlled lighting grid

Faster, safer, cleaner getting around

Optimized collection services for cleaner cities

Improved air quality through pollutants control


See what our customers are saying about us.

Mr. Xenophon Maniatogiannis
Mayor of Vrilissia

The SmartVille Suite has fundamentally transformed our water services operations both with the technical crews and the administration department. Through the integration of Array (ex Water Damage), the municipality manages and monitors all maintenance and repair works in the water supply network, along with the tasks by the crews and the condition of its equipment.

Mr. Dimitrios S. Markou
Mayor of Spata-Artemida

With Balloon Read, we have saved 50% of our time in water meter value reading, while the SmartVille AMR integration provided us with a holistic view of smart meter data such as consumption and incident detection.

Mr. Panagiotis Antonakopoulos,
Mayor of Pyrgos

After upgrading our water services with SmartVille, we saw tangible amelioration in 3 key targets: 1. prompt damage repairs due to smart incident detection 2. more efficient decision-making due to complete smart meter data integration and insights 3. easier management of the operations field due to the water supply network mapping.

Mr. Konstantinos P. Koukas
Mayor of Mykonos

We have established a fruitful partnership with IANIC for the digitization of Mykonos water supply network, with a view to more flexible operations, more sustainable water resources management and more content citizens.

Mr. Theodosis Nikitaras
Mayor of Kos

We firmly believe that SmartVille app will strengthen our relationship with the citizens of Kos due to our direct communication, while the immediate notifications about leakages in consumers’ properties, along with the setting of consumption limits will help us save valuable cubic meters of water.